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Steve and Anne

Introducing...."My Shreve" and "My Anne",  as my kiddos call them.  These are some of my favorite people....they are obviously beautiful, but their insides are what's really amazing.  They're both brilliant, kind, funny, GOOD people.  They are the kind of friends that are more like your in point:  Anne (bless her heart) was inadvertently called upon to help Sissy in the bathroom during our "potty training" phase....Anne is a good enough friend that she just jumped in and did it.  There aren't many people out there who want to wipe someone else's kid's rear.  
This session was fun! They are adventurous and were up for location favorite kind of people to photograph.  They didn't even bat an eyelash when people peeked their head out of the windows of what we thought was an old abandoned building, and started talking to us....(we're still deciding what they were in there DOING)  
Pretty people...pretty light outside.....this is when I really LOVE taking pictures...

Summer Sunset Sessions

It's SUMMER!!  It's all about being outside, in the beautiful sun!!
Summer Sunset Sessions
Any evening session in July is $175!
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Unique, beautifully lit images that celebrate the feel of summer
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"Love Story" entries

Here they are for your perusal....our entries for the "love story" promotion!  Here's how you cast your vote:
1.  Go to facebook and find my page: Nicole Hatter Photography and click "like".  Then post on the wall your vote for the best love story.
2.  Leave a comment here, with your vote for best love story!  

Voting will continue until Tuesday, June 21st at midnight.  Your friends and family can only vote ONCE, so send as many people to vote as you can!! 

 Marc and Tobi Perez

It began with the words “Are you going to NIOSA?”  Asked by Marc Perez in April 1995 to Tobi Irish in the convocation center at UTSA.  Tobi stopping by the gym before volleyball practice with some teammates and Marc playing a card game of Hearts with his fellow baseball players.  This sentence struck up a small conversation that had Tobi excited at the possibilities with this guy.  Unfortunately, nothing would come of that meeting until August 19th, 1995 when they met again at a mutual friend’s apartment to watch the Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley fight.  From that moment on there was definitely an interest with both parties.  Marc was the go-getter while Tobi played hard to get.  
It is hard to put into words (so few words) our story.  I feel like I could go on and on.  There is so much to tell.
We began as flirtatious teenagers.  We grew close with many long distance phone calls as I was away playing volleyball in the fall and Marc with baseball in the spring.  Marc’s parents were going through a divorce and with my parents already divorced we bonded.  We started as best friends and once we were serious, we were inseparable.  And still are.  Many people joke that we act like newlyweds… 16 years later from our first encounter.
We dated 4 years through college.  Marc supporting me on the volleyball court and me watching him on the baseball field. Spending time with each othe’s families, traveling, and getting to know each other.  After 3 years of dating we got engaged.  I was so ready to be married.  I had no doubts that I was ready  for the next step.  I wanted the rest of my life to be with this man.  Marc proposed as I was washing dishes.  Yep!  So romantic… not… but so very cute and so very adorable.  He was a nervous wreck.  We got married 9 months later on June 26, 1999. Marc as a young business man and me as a fresh graduate getting ready to start my coaching/teaching career.  It was a fabulously fun wedding!  A wedding filled with family and friends dancing and laughing all through the night. 
Since that wedding we have grown as individuals, as a couple and as a family.  I am his rock and he is mine.  We have held onto each other through career changes, moves, deaths & divorces in the family, births of children, health issues, and even cancer.  During all these moments, the good and the bad, we always knew we could count on each other to pull us through. 
We were friends first then partners, lovers, and forever lifers.  Our story continues with every day.  We get bigger and better all the time.  The most important blessings that we have received in this time together besides each other are our 3 wonderful children.  Our boys, Alec (8), Brooks (4.5) and Eli (7 weeks).  I thank God every day for this man and the family we have.  We are so lucky and so blessed and so loved.
And that is my very short version of our love story.

Jessica and Bryan Etter
When I think of our love story, I reflect more on the present and what is still to come of our family. Sure, I met a wonderful man who decided to marry me despite my flaws and my crazy antics, but it is what we have done together since we were married and the addition of our two amazing children that is our real love story. The famous quote that has even been made into a country song…Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.  I feel like our love story is all about those moments and what is still to come. Those breaths are what strengthen us as a family and we embrace them, both the good and bad.  I will always remember the evening that I married Bryan. His brother Kyle, the best man, gave his toast that night and he wished us well on our journey. Our Journey....Marriage was only the beginning of the journey. Together, with God, we have walked through our journey for ten years building our love story along the way.  There is also the saying, “All because two people fell in love.” I fell in love ten years ago, but I fall in love over and over again when I see my children playing together in our home. I fall in love again when my husband kisses me good night and good morning. I fall in love all over again when I realize that my love story is more than I could have ever dreamed. It’s a story I live each day with Bryan as we help our children grow up surrounded by the love we promised to each other when we said I do and began our journey!  My family and this life…that is my “BIG” love!

Melissa and Jerome
  I met Jerome (my fiance) at a restaurant/bar. He as there with his friends and I was with my friend.  My best friend (and now maid of honor) dragged me out that night because I did not want to go.  I was grumpy, sad, had definitely given up on love, and did not want to go out at all.  I was talking to my best friend when Jerome came up to the table and introduced himself.  He then asked me what my bracelet meant.  I always wear my ACTS bracelet that I received after attending very meaningful church retreats.  Being that I was grumpy, I basically told him he wouldn't understand, therefore, I was not about to explain it to him.  He got a shocked look on his face, being that he's such a sweet/personable guy, and said, "are you sure?".  As he said this he pointed to his wrist and I noticed he had the same bracelet.  I decided I better start being nice to this one.  We talked all night and found out we were both Catholic and very involved in ACTS at our churches.  We had so much in common and it was so easy to talk to him.  We then went out to eat with our friends and he asked if he could pray over my food. I knew then that he was special and what I had been looking for. After we left, I told my best friend I would marry him and she would be my maid of honor.  He called me the next day and we have been inseparable ever since.  We were "official" 12 days later and said those magic 3 words a month later.  We both tend to take things slow, but we just knew this was different.
    On one of our first dates Jerome took me to the Oblate Grotto to pray the rosary. It was like a dream for me. We sat on a bench looking at the beautiful grotto and prayed together. About 7 months after that date at the Grotto, Jerome brought me back to the exact bench at the Grotto and we prayed the rosary again.  At each spot where you pray for your own intentions, Jerome prayed for a different aspect of our lives together.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.  After we finished praying the rosary, Jerome told me I was so many things to him and named them (my best friend, my girlfriend, my joy, my comforter, etc...) then he stood up from the bench and got on one knee in front of me, said my full name, and said, "I was wondering if you would be my everything".  Of course I said yes.  Ironically, there was a women's ACTS retreat going on and they could see all of this going on from the windows in the building that faced the Grotto.  I have dreamed of getting engaged at the Grotto for as long as I can remember, but I never dreamed I'd meet anyone like Jerome.  After I said yes (very loudly) we went to a restaurant where he surprised me by inviting all of our friends and family to celebrate.  It was an amazing night and I could not have dreamed of such a beautiful/perfect proposal to such an amazing man.  I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!!!

Steve and Sandra

I met my husband in Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus while I was performing as a clown.  One of the first cities that we travelled to was Columbia, SC where I met Steve.  He came to the clown dressing room (clown alley) at the arena to visit with some friends because he had been a circus clown 2 years prior.  We met and we had a great chat, although he couldn't see what I looked like because I was already in clown makeup.  Later that night, after the show, I went back to the circus train to get ready to go out (it was also my 25th  brithday), and when I jumped off the train, there he was.  The rest is circus history.  As I travelled around the country, Steve and I would visit as much as possible and since it was before cell phones, I spent many hours at pay phones and writing him letters.  It was very easy to fall in love with him.  He asked me to marry him on my 26th birthday, and it has been circus magic since.  We have 3 little performers, large feet, and a small car.  Well, actually it is a minivan, BUT we can fit in a small car.

Susan and Randy

*Our love story began over 50 years ago. Randy and I grew up in the same church, in the same nursery together. We went through Sunday school, youth group and vacation Bible schools together. But we really didn't get together until we had both gone away to college and came back for a youth lock-in. We escaped away from the young high schoolers and began getting to know each other all over again. Wow~ look how he turned hottie!! We were together for another year and a half while finishing college and then we got married. We even lived across the street from that same church we grew up in for another 3 years. 
*Some of our trials and tribulations were when our house burned down and all the time we spent trying to get pregnant. It took over a year the first time~~then Cory:)  It took another couple of years before ~~Tyler :) We pretty much gave up all hope of more children, but ~~ Blake. Three wonderful, mischievous, active boys!
Now as they are beginning to move off to their own adventures, we are 
cherishing the time we have together. We can go on dates again, without hiring a babysitter. We're very relaxed together after all these years. We fit! Mostly though, we just love doing things with our boys.
*But as we have gotten older, it gets harder and harder to get a beautiful picture together. I keep trying. The SD card died after taking pictures together at Christmas, last vacation's picture was a definite flop. It's hard to get two old, kind of lumpy people to look really good again. That's why we'd love to win a photography session. Nicole has beautiful pics!! I wonder if she could work her magic on us??

What's your love story?

I am a sucker for a good love story....and that's why I'm doing this promotion!  I want to hear your "love story"....whatever it may be.  How you and your fiance met and fell in love.....the story of your courtship, engagement, marriage, life your family came together, whether it was biologically or by your love endured in the face of challenges..  This isn't just about how you met your mate, although I love those stories too!  Whatever your "story" BIG love came into your life...that's what I wanna hear about!!

If you have a good love story, email it to me at by midnight on Wednesday, June 8th.  Please tell me your story, and include a picture.  I will select my favorites, and post them to my blog and facebook.  The story receiving the most votes from YOU, the reader will win!!
Here's what's in it if you win it....
including a disk of images!
Valued at $620
Now, get crackin'!  I can't wait to hear your sweet, inspiring stories!!!  

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